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Elastic bandage wraps

Bandages are essential for kickboxing. They project your knuckles and wrists from injuries. By wrapping your hands and wrists firmly, you will be able to punch harder, making your training more intense.
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Material benefits

The handwraps are made from cotton and elastic. Cotton handwraps are very common for martial arts. However, elastic handwraps are especially beneficial for kickboxing. They provide a tighter fit when wrapping your hands. Because of the wide range of punches in kickboxing, you need more support over your whole hand and wrist, not only the knuckles. 


Using 150 inch hand wraps is the ideal length for kickboxing. They provide the right amount of protection to your knuckles and wrists while allowing for ease of movement and flexibility during training and sparring. The ideal length of your hand wraps are personal preference. However, longer wraps can be more unmanageable and difficult to maintain. 


Elastic hand wraps for kickboxing are more durable than cotton wraps because they don't cause as much friction during training. Cotton wraps have a change of becoming loose during training due to shifting. To prevent the cotton wraps to lose, you can pull harder on the fabric, however this will break the cotton fibers, and they will have to be replaced sooner.
Prevent build-up
During kickboxing training, your hands will get sweaty. Hand wraps prevent bacteria build-up by absorbing the sweat and moisture. By keeping your hands dry, hand wraps help to reduce the risk of bacterial infections.